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Directions: Type or paste ciphertext into the Cipher box. Click on the Test button. The results appear in the lower box.
For further information on the Normor test and how it is used, see my article on this site: Normor Revisited
NOTE: I've discovered that Chrome and Safari do not interpret the Normor code on this page correctly.
Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer do. The difference in the final number is quite small and probably not important,
but be aware of the problem and use another browser if you think it necessary.

For lists of the most frequent 1-word and 2-word words and phrases in English, download the zip file here: Frequent Words and Phrases
Here's another file you might find useful. It shows the relative frequency of each square in the two ciphertext polybius squares in the Foursquare cipher. The frequencies are based on approximately 5000 solutions of ACA English-language cons - (non-overlapping digraphs): Foursquare cell frequencies
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